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Contract Renewal (formula field)

Hey guys-


I could really use some help with a field that I'm making.  I'm trying to make a field that calculates the current renewal date for a contract.  We have a custom picklist field called-



(the three values are "Yes", "Written Noticed Required", and "No")


That I would like to base the field off of.  Essentially I would like to have it so that if the Auto Renewal field has a value of "Yes" or "Written Notice Required", that the contract renewal date would be equal to the end date of the contract (to start), and then it would update the renewal date if the contract is still activated and it's past that point.  Really I just want to make sure that the field continues to update itself based off of the most current renewal date, and contract term.


If the contract doesn't auto renew I'd like to set the value to null.


Help would be greatly appreciated!  If you need me to clarify anything please let me know.




Are you trying to create a Formula field or a Workflow Rule with a Field Update?


Thanks for the reply, I'm trying to create a formula field


When you say "update the renewal date" are you talking about a custom Formula(Date) field or making a change to the standard Contract End Date field? 


Sorry for not being more clear on it, the field would be a date formula field and the original contract end date would stay the same


Anybody have any ideas on this?  Regardless of the fields that are available, all I'm really trying to accomplish is to have a field that specifies the date that the contract will renew- and have this update as the renewal schedule repeats itself.


Sorry for the delay, how about this 

Datatype: Formula(Date)



"Yes", StartDate, 
"Written Noticed Required", StartDate,





Are you all set or do you still need help with this?


are you all set  or do you still need help with this?