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Publishing a new application through a certified application (using the same infreastructure)

Our application is certified with AppExchange, currently used in Japan. Now we have decided to publish the English version of the application using the same infrastructure. We would like to know whether the new application is to be certified again and like to know the necessary steps to list the English application on AppExchange.



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Aarti KumarAarti Kumar

When was your app certified in Japan? Certification is an annual process and if your app was certified around this time last year then you will need to go through the certification process in the US.

However, if it is within the same year then we would like to see your questionnaire response. This will not be a full-blown certification review and you will not be charged the certification fee. But, we might have a meeting to go over any clarifications or for further details on your questionnaire response.

Please visit the Step 3: Publish in www.appexchange.com/abc for more information on certification.

Thanks Aarti!. The application is certified in this year.
I have one more query... The questionnaire response you mentioned is the questionnaires we submitted for the Japanese Application or whether we're getting a new set of questionnaires for this review.
Thanks in advance!

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