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Deployment of Custom fields (Urgent Request)

I doing some Salesforce development for a client. I’m add extra custom fields to the contract object.

The client does not want to give me access to their Salesforce. How do I create a deployment package that will enable the client to install the changes(adding of custom fields) on their Salesforce

The same question will apply for a custom objects or relationships.


Hi Stephen,
              I think solution is simple you have to create a package ,add the custom fields or custom objects in that package and upload the package.  After that u can provide the uploaded package link to your customer, he will install the package and the changes will reflect in his salesforce instance. you can check on salesforce help for the list of things u can pack in a package.

As was mentioned in the previous post, you can create a package and have the customer install it.  One important consideration is whether you want to be able to upgrade your package going forward.  If you are creating a template for a one time transfer and the customer would make changes going forward you could utilize an unmanaged package.  If you are creating something that you will be upgrading in the future and will not have access to the customer sfdc org, managed packages would be a better choice.  There are some restrictions on managed packages which are documented in the online help.

In the future another possible method would be the metadata api, but that depends on whether "not granting access to salesforce" includes api access.