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Kyle FreemanKyle Freeman 

Package won't upload: Autonumber fields not packageable

I am attempting to upload my first package to the appexchange (privately to play around with in my developer account), and am having the following message prevent me from doing so:
There are problems that prevent this package from being uploaded.
Item TypeNameProblem
Custom Field DefinitionAccount_IDAutonumber fields on standard objects are not packageable.


I don't think I can go back and change the Account_ID to a text field in my production org, and pretty much everything depends on an account.

Will I never be able to upload a package?


As you have discovered, Autonumber fields on standard objects are not packageable.  The reason for this is that there could be any number of rows of data already existing on the object that would have to be updated when the package was installed.  We are looking at some possbile scenarios to accomplish this but probably not in the near future.

Kyle FreemanKyle Freeman


What are the repercussions of changing the field back to text on existing autonumbers?