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Copy lookup field to text formula field or similar

I am trying to copy the value of a lookup field i.e. Account Name into a custom object text formula field (or similar) so I can view the name of the account using the Tab View.  I cannot make the Account object a master relationship as the custom object already has a master relationship and the limitation with Salesforce is that any object can only have one master lookup relationship.
In short all we need to do is see the Account Name when viewing the custom object in a list using the Tab view then we can just use the link to open the record we do not need to open the account, just see the account name.
I really hope someone can help, many thanks.
I'm confused - you want to be able to see the Account name, which is a lookup field on your custom object, when you create a View for that custom object, right? It doesn't matter if it's a lookup or a master-detail, you can easily display that. It's a field just like all the other fields that you can choose from when you create a view. What am I missing?

My apologies I should have made my question clearer.  I have a object called "Underwriting" and a lookup relationship to another object called "Life Policy" , I need to show the account name in the "Underwriting" object even though there is not a direct relationship (or lookup) between "Underwriting" and "Accounts".  What we are trying to avoid is every user having to create a lot of lookups each time a record is created in the "Underwriting" object.

The result we are wanting is to show the "Account Name" in the "Underwriting" Obejct.  The relationships go like this Accounts > Life Policies > Underwriting.

Any assistance you may be able to offer would be great, thanks for your reply.



Ah, I see. Well, if this link means what I think it means, help is on the way.
Thanks for the reply again.  But in order for this feature to be used, the objects have to be related i.e. by a lookup field and this is what we are trying to avoid, havin to put additional lookup fields in the obejct otherwise we could easily have 4 lookup fields and users will just not do it, correct my if I am wrong here, thanks and more suggestions welcome :smileyhappy: