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S Control Help needed - field assignment

I have a SControl which has a return URL type with the following logic:
Leads have three fields, Physical State, Sector and ISR
Custom Object, Assignments, has three fields, State, Sector and ISR
If the two relevant fields(State and Sector) in both objects are the same value, then ISR in Leads must be made equal to ISR in Assignments
State and Sector are both picklists.
How do I do this? Please help

The basic IF Logic for this is as follows, however it does not work.

So, I probably need to write it as HTML with a return URL, but have no clue how.

!Lead.ISR__c = !IF(
(!Lead.Sector__c = !ISR_Assignment_by_State_and_Sector__c.Sector__c)),
((!Lead.Physical_State__c= !ISR_Assignment_by_State_and_Sector__c.State__c)),
!ISR_Assignment_by_State_and_Sector__c.ISR_del__c, null)

 --- any input, anyone??? Please help!