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How to change case status when New Self-Service Comment is true

I would like to be able to have the case "status" field value change to "Updated" if the "New Self-Service Comment" field gets set to true. 
The "status" field is currently set up as a Pick List.
Is there a way to change the "status" field automatically to a value (that is already in the pick list) when "New Self-Service Comment" is selected (true)?
Thank you,
we too need such a feature, anyone know how to do this ?
JT LovellJT Lovell
This is available. 

1.  Create a workflow and set the Evaluate rule to "Every time a record is created or edited"
2.  Change the Rune this rule if the following to "formula evaluates to true"
3.  Set the rule "HasCommentsUnreadByOwner"  [yes it really is just that one field]

Then click Save and Next and add your workflow actions.

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