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Using custom fields in custom field formulas

I feel like this should be pretty simple, yet I cannot get it to work.
I have a Job Description field (the API field name is Job_Description__c) and I want to create a short description with just the first 20 characters.
This field is populated from  a Web to Lead form.
But the syntax error always comes up : Cannot find field Job_Description__c.
Can I not use a custom field in another custom field formula?
Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot
Description, long text area custom fields, & multi select picklists cannot be used in formula fields.

Unfortunately, I cannot use any custom fields, regardless of thier type, in a formula of a new custom field.

Always get, Field does not exist.

See pic, Quantitiy__c is a Text 50 field and it doesn't work either.
Hi Mike,

Default value fields can't reference other fields on the same object. If you have Enterprise Edition or higher you could make a workflow that would automatically update this field when the record gets created and anytime the source field changes.

Fantastic, just what I needed to know.

Will work on that!


Much appreciated.





Thanks Jakester!


You also helped answer part of my question as well :)


O' Happy Day

Thanks again

Remember to activate your Workflow after creating it. Made that mistake.
will do thanks :)