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Populating Fields

I am the administator for our marketing department. Our sales team is really large, so we aren't implmenting this tool to them...yet. I have an excel spreadsheet that has our territories broken down by zip code (quite large), and I need to somehow import the spreadsheet and auto populate new and current fields with this information based on the zipcode.
I think this is possible within a formula but I cannot make it work... and I have a TON of zipcodes to incorporate! Ideas? Comments? suggestions? Please help :smileysad:
You can use the excel connector to do it.  It is free tool, that will allow you to import anything you like.  Which object is the information going into?

So these are the fields I have:

Territory Manager, Regional Director, and Zone

The main issue is the territory manager. I want to be able to type in a zip code, save the file and have that field auto populate. AND if possible have the trickle effect to the other two fields (not as important).

Also, I don't know if it's possible but if there is a way to take the zip code + product type = Territory Manager that would be perfect.

Sound like I am in over my head? :smileyhappy:


How many zip codes and territory managers are there?
About 42,000 zipcodes (whole US)
And about 17 Territories...

Did u do this because I'm now in the same situation.


Help would be really great.