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Product field is default value for Opp Product field -- Workflow & Field Update needed

I have a custom checkbox field defined in both Products2 and Opp Prod.

Each time a new Opp Prod line item is added to an Opp, automatically set the value of the Opp Prod line item custom field (Has_Maintenance_OP__c) with the corresponding Product custom field (Has_Maintenance__c).

Can someone walk me through the set-up for the Workflow Rule and Field Update to accomplish this (for a checkbox field).

Thanks in advance,
Dale, do you need it to be updated by workflow?  It sounds like your stated goal could be accomplished with a cross-object formula field, a new feature in Summer '08.  More specifically, you can create a custom formula field on the Opportunity Product that references a field on the Product.  Within step 3 of creating a new custom (formula) field wizard, click "Insert Field" while on the Advanced Formula tab.  You'll go Opportunity Product > Price Book Entry > Product > to get to your custom product field.