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Determining Page Context

Is there a way using Apex code to determine the page context being displayed in the main Salesforce page frame?


I'd like to create a link in the sidebar to a help page which would recognize the context of what was being displayed in the main frame.  Is there any way for me to determine what object or visual force page is being displayed?  Can I obtain the URL?  For those pages without much information in the URL, can I obtain the action that caused the currently displayed page to be displayed?


Any help, ideas, or alternate suggestions would be appreciated.







I got a similar need.

In the current page context of any or some object, the object type or/and ID need to be passed to another custom page after a sidebar link click.

Wondering which way is valid:

1, at client side, which means getting the data from generated html at the browser with some scripts;(probable to use custom link, content source, onclick javascript)

2, create a custon controller extention for the context page, the sidebar link uses the controller to pass data;

3, create a button or link in the context page layout. (This creates a dependance in the context page. Better to separate the linking logic using previous ways)


Related doc available? Any help appriciated.