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Cross Object Formula between User and Opportunity

There is a field on user object -Sales Rep Quota Category.It's a pickiest.

I need to create a field on the opportunity object. Opportunity owner is a standard field and is assigned automatically to the user who created the record. I want new field Sales Rep Quota Category ( one opportunity object) automatically assign value based on the value assigned to the opportunity owner on user profile.

Example- User  John Doe has Sales Rep Quota Category assigned as Category 1 on users profile.

Opportunity Company ABC is created by user John Doe.

Fields: opportunity owner-John Doe( automatically populated)

              Sales Rep Quota Category  pops up as Category 1( automatically assigned based on user profile data).


Any ideas would be helpful.




Unfortunately you can't access those fields on the Opportunity.Owner(User) object via a cross-object formula or WFR.  You might want to try re-posting this on the Apex Board