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Account created without the mandatory field

I was looking at the 30 day trial version. I made a field 'website' mandatory on account page and then I went to create a
new contact. I used the lookup for filling in the field 'Account name' and in the lookup pop up there was a 'new' button. When I tried
creating a new account through that new button, it did not show me the 'website' field as mandatory. I went ahead and created that account with the 'website' field blank. The account was actually created without this mandatory field. Can anybody help me how it happens??

It may be because you made the field Required on the page layout.  It sounds strange because presumably the page layout you set up is assigned to you.  You can check this:

Go to Apps Setup>Customize>Accounts>Page Layouts and click on the Page Layout Assignment button.  See if the page layout is assigned to your profile.  If not hit Edit Assignment and assigne the page layout to your profile.

That should do it.

If that does not do it:

You may need to make the field Required in the General Options of the Custom Field Definition itself if you have not.

Go to the field under Apps Setup>Customize>Accounts>Fields

Select the field and See if the Required checkbox is checked.  If not, edit, check the box and save.  That will make the field always required no matter what page layout is used.



Disregard - I'm not really seeing the same thing you are so do not know how to advise you.  I do not get a New button as you described and Website is a Standard field and not subject to the field level security I described.

Sorry - not helpful this time.


Whether or not you see the "New" button is a User Interface setup feature called "Show Quick Create."  Many system administrators will disable that option because as you discovered, it bypasses fields that you may want to be mandatory.  In your situation, it sounds like you would probably want to disable that feature. 

Salesforce.com has a website called IdeaExchange where suggestions for product enhancements can be submitted and voted on by the user community.  There is already a suggestion to enhance the Quick Create feature so that administrators could add their mandatory fields to be part of it - http://ideas.salesforce.com/article/show/60665



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