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Does anyone automate the updating of Close Date?

So I just noticed that when you close an Opportunity in SFDC, the Close Date does not automatically update to the day that the closed stage was selected.  For some reason, I always thought (or assumed) that it did.  Does anyone use validation rules or workflow rules in any way to automatically set the close date to "today" when a Stage is changed from an open to a closed value?  I'd love to hear how you've done it if you have.
If the rep does not update Close Date, we can get deals falling in quarters where they do not belong and other messy data.
When you set an open opportunity's Stage to a type of "Closed/Won," the Close Date is automatically set to today's date.  Is your closed stage set to a type of "Closed/Won"?
I can tell you how to require the updating of the Close Date any time a record is edited, but I'm looking for a similar answer to making certain fields required once Closed Won is selected.

Resurrecting an older thread . . . the issue is that SFDC does automatically update Close Date to the current date when an Oppty is set to Closed/Won.  But it does not do that when an Oppty is set to Closed/Lost.  Not sure why it doesn't do the same thing as Closed Won--doesn't make much sense.  But we are having issues where we are trying to do win/loss reporting and there are deals that are set to Closed/Lost let's say in October (but that still have a Nov close date).  Reps are lazy and will not manually update the Close date to show the correct Oct loss.  But then that throws off managers/execs looking at Nov and seeing deals that should have been tagged to Oct.  Does that make sense.

So then . . . is there a way to automatically set the Close date to "Today" when Stage is set to Closed/Lost and eliminate this problem?