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Field Validation based on Opportunity Owner

Is it possible to do a field validation on a read only picklist to select a certain value depending on the opportunity owner?  I have Professional Edition.
Thank You.

Validation Rules are available in PE.  But validation rules do not select a value, they check for the value of a field depending on the validation rule formula. If the rule formula evaluates to True it prevents the record save and displays an error message.  You could do a validation rule to check that a picklist value is what you want it to be depending on the owner in order to prevent saving the reecord if the picklist value is not what is desired for that owner.


Thank You. That gives me a better understanding on how that all works.  I was trying to avoid having the Account Managers do any more data entry but it looks like it is necessary.  I'm really hit and miss when it comes to validation formulas as I'm not quite at the intermediate level yet.  If you have any formula suggestions i'd be happy to try them out.  Thank you so much for your input!

It sounds like what you are really after is a workflow field update, which I believe is not available in PE. 

Would a formula field work in place of the picklist?  If so you could write a formula to set a value based on the Owner. 


It looks like I will be needing to create a custom formula field.  I'm trying to work with this formula to determine Region based on the Billing State, but I want to determine an area based on User Role.  When I "Insert Field" the field starts with a $ rather than a !.  I can't seem to figure out the difference between those symbols.  Also, I get Syntax error after error and can't seem to fix it. 
Below is the sample formula:
IF(LEN( {!BillingState})=0, "None",
IF(CONTAINS("AK:AZ:CA:HI:NV:NM:OR:UT:WA", {!BillingState}), "West",
IF(CONTAINS("CO:ID:MT:KS:OK:TX:WY", {!BillingState}), "Central",
IF(CONTAINS("CT:ME:MA:NH:NY:PA:RI:VT", {!BillingState}), "East",
IF(CONTAINS("IL:IN:IA:MI:MN:MO:NE:ND:OH:SD:WI", {!BillingState}), "North", "Other"))))))
Below is my MODIFIED sample formula which does not work:
IF(CONTAINS("Western US Sales Manager:Western Region:South Region:Midwest Region:Northern Region", {$UserRole.Name}), "West",
IF(CONTAINS("National Sales Broadband Services:National Sales VIS & FTTx",{$UserRole.Name}), "National",
IF(CONTAINS("Eastern US Sales Manager:Great Lakes Region:New England Region:Sougheast Region",{$UserRole.Name}), "East",)))
Thank You.