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SL TanSL Tan 

Cross Object Formula Question - need help!

I have a custom child object that has both pick-lists and multi-picklists data type. I use the Cross Object Formula in the parent custom object using "CASE" method to get the pick-lists data successfully.

However I have not been successful in using the Cross Object Formula to get the multi-picklists data. Is it because Cross Object Formula does not support multi-picklists data type?. When I used the Advanced Formula to select the child object records all the multi-picklist items are missing from the child object items.

Has anyone faced the same problem? If so, I do hope he/she will be able to share how it had been resolved. Any pointer will be highly appreciated
Thanks in advance
Multi-select picklists are not available in formulas at all, which is why they are not available when you try to create a cross-object formula.  This is somewhat hidden in the documentation (I just looked for it).  There is one help topic called "Tips on Building Formulas" that has a long list of formula "gotchas" that everyone might want to bookmark.
SL TanSL Tan
Thanks for your kind reply and noted it is not possible to pass multi-picklist values in the cross object formula. I will have to think of some other method to achieve this so that it can be as user friendly as possible..
Best Regards