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Total Account and SubAccount (Children) Sales

You can create a simple custom field to report the total amount your company has sold to an account:

Data Type                        Roll-Up Summary                         
Summary Type                SUM
Summarized Object        Opoortunity
Field to Aggregate           Opportunity: Amount
Filter Criteria                    Won equals True

This "Sales" field can then be displayed on accounts.

What I am looking to do is enable this to roll-up the hierarchy so if you have Account X with children (sub accounts) Y and Z you can see Y and Z's combined sales in the X account profile.

Any thoughts on how to do this with advanced formulas?


Rollup summary fields do not support the type of summary you are looking for (account-to-account).  It sounds like you'll be interested in this Idea on the IdeaExchange - http://ideas.salesforce.com/article/show/10088511/.