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Formula help need please for an image

Hi, I am having trouble with a formula that I have created, one part works which is the light turns to red when the value is less than 40% but for the 2nd part of the formula I can't get the green, when it is more than 40% - here is the formula I have created, any help that anyone can give is great.  I am a new user to salesforce and appreciate any assistance given.  The syntax compiles with no errors.  I have tried putting in a >40  but it
doesn't like the great than, I have also tried >=40 but it doesn't like that either, I believe this formula should change to green if it is not less than 40% am I missing something?
IMAGE (IF( Actual_Margin__c  < 40,"/img/samples/light_red.gif", "/img/samples/light_green.gif"),
"status color")
Kent ManningKent Manning
Have you tried putting 0.40 instead of 40?  The formula may be taking it to mean a literal value of 40 not 40%.

IMAGE (IF( Actual_Margin__c  < 0.40,"/img/samples/light_red.gif", "/img/samples/light_green.gif"),
"status color")

Give that a try and see if it makes any difference.
Thank you so much for your help. This has resolved my issue.  I am very grateful.
I have a similar scenario where I would like to flag the close date field if it is not in compliance with our sales cycle, i.e stage 8 has a sales cycle of 8 months, but the close date is set to close in 1 month. I'm not sure exactly where or how I do this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.