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Why is this test failing? System.Exception: Assertion Failed: Expected: A , Actual: A

Not sure what I am doing wrong or if this is not something you can test.


My class:



public class alertControllerV3 {

public static PageReference redirectToAppropriateAlertsPage_live() {
if( alwaysShowTheseInAlertsPageList_live.size()==0) {
PageReference acctPage = new PageReference('https://na3.salesforce.com/home/home.jsp');
return acctPage;
else {PageReference acctPage = new PageReference('https://na3.salesforce.com/apex/alert');
return acctPage;
return null;


My test:




public static testMethod void testPositiveResults(){

Test.setCurrentPage(redirectToAppropriateAlertsPage_live() );

System.debug('the current page is...' +ApexPages.currentPage() );

pageReference pageRef1 = ApexPages.currentPage();
pageReference pageRef2 = new pageReference('https://na3.salesforce.com/apex/alert');

System.assertEquals(pageRef2, pageRef1 );



 Debug log:




20090616212631.426:Class.alertControllerV3.testPositiveResults: line 893, column 9:
returning System.PageReference from method public static System.PageReference redirectToAppropriateAlertsPage_live() in 0 ms
20090616212631.426:Class.alertControllerV3.testPositiveResults: line 898, column 3:
the current page is...System.PageReference[https://na3.salesforce.com/apex/alert]
System.Exception: Assertion Failed:




 Thank you.



When testing this method...

Test.setCurrentPage(redirectToAppropriateAlertsPage_live() );


Is it a bug or am i writting something incorrectly to make it so if I use this, it works...

string result=''; for(Solution s012 :alwaysShowTheseInAlertsPageList_live){ if(alwaysShowTheseInAlertsPageList_live.size()>0){result='true';} else{result='false';} } pageReference pageRef1 = new pageReference('https://na3.salesforce.com/apex/alert'); System.debug('result of the redirect should be...' +pageRef1 ); System.debug('result of the redirect is...' ApexPages.currentPage() ); System.assertEquals( 'true', +result );


but if I use this it fails...

pageReference pageRef1 = new pageReference('https://na3.salesforce.com/apex/alert'); pageReference pageRef2 = new pageReference( ApexPages.currentPage() ); System.assertEquals( pageRef1 , pageRef2 );


Because the attempt directly above produces this in the debug log, which I dont understand...


System.Exception: Assertion Failed: Expected: System.PageReference[https://na3.salesforce.com/apex/alert], Actual: System.PageReference[https://na3.salesforce.com/apex/alert]


I am new to apex but to me it looks as if what I expected matches the actual.


Thank you.


Richie DRichie D

Hi Walter,


Your problem is that you are comparing objects, pageRef1 and pageRef2. pageRef1 isn't the same object as pageRef2 so I'd expect an assertEquals not to work. I think the debug log shows the 'toString();' of each object so they look the same.


If you were to check the getUrl() method of each then it'd be the same.


Hope this helps.



@Richie D, you are right. checking with the getUrl() worked for me.