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Account/Opportunity Owner to Account/Sales Team

Is it possible to automatically transfer the account owner to an account team member? 

Is it possible to automatically transfer the opportunity owner to a sales team member? 

Is it possible to automatically transfer the sales team members to the account team members? 

If so how best to accomplish?    

Kiran  KurellaKiran Kurella

Yes, it is possible to automatically add the Account/Opportunity Owner to Account and Sales Team.


You can accomplish this with a trigger/class on Account/Opportunity object. Your apex code should write directly to AccountTeamMember and OpportunityTeamMember objects.


Let us know if you need any assistance with the implementation.




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Can I make it even a bit more complicated ? ...


When importing accounts with account owners, would it be possible

to make the former account owner an account team member of the

account while the account is assigned to a company-wide default.

We are facing the difficulty, that several managers work one account -

therefore it shouldn't actually be owned by anyone, but all should be

part of the team ...


From the bottom of my troubled soul: Thanks if anyone can help out !!!

I also would be interested in a solution like this!



Can anyone help me to write a trigger that automatically assigns the account owner to the account team?


I would also like that the parent account is automatically assigned to the account team...


Thanks in advance!



I don't think it can be dome with a WFR or a Trigger, but  you can add the User to their own "Default Account Team" and select 


[x]  Automatically add my default account team to accounts that I create or accounts that are transferred to me
[x]  Update account teams with these members



we solved it with a trigger!


Can you look at this one?



I think you can help me with this...



Dan FarnsworthDan Farnsworth
Looking for something somewhat similar to this.

Is it possible to update the Opportunity Owner to be the Account Manager from the Account Team if the Opportunity Record Type is 'Renewal'? I have predefined account team members for each sales rep that automatically populate based off the reps SF profile.