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move an application from sandbox to production environment

Hello everybody,

I've created an application on my sandbox environment that contains:

  • custom objects
  • visualforce pages
  • custom controllers

Now I want to pass all these things in my production environment.

I've created a package and uploaded it.

I got a link for the installation.

When I go to that link I can login only with my sandbox username, not with the production username.


Is there something wrong that I didn't uderstand?




Have you included the Test classes of your custom controllers into the package?


If you want to deployed an sandbox package into production with some Apex code then it is must that your test classes of that particular code must be the part of that package.

One more point, you may have a “test” into your package URL, if yes, change it to “www”, reman URL will be unchanged, and then try to deploy it into production.


Best Regards,

Rajan Jasuja

the problem was the test in the url

Don't use packages for migrating changes from sandbox to production!


  • Managed packages are for publishing commercial applications. They are upgradeable, but they can only be created from a Developer Edition organization, not from a Sandbox.
  • Unmanaged packages are NOT upgradeable.  Once you install a component into your production organization using a package, you can change it in your organization but you cannot install another unmanaged package with a newer version of that component into your production organization (unless you uninstall the original package, deleting any data in its schema in the process).

Instead, use the Deploy to Server wizard in Force.com IDE (for Eclipse), or write a script for the Force.com Migration Tool (for Ant).


Here's a great post on deployment best practices in the Force.com IDE:

http://wiki.developerforce.com/index.php/Deploy_Force.com_Applications_Faster (link)



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