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Apex Error

Message Edited by bca321 on 03-12-2009 10:06 AM

Can you please explain more about what you are trying to do?


Are you trying to create one object per "Receipt" line?


I would recommend that you create a CSV file with the relevant data (with all the other stuff removed), and then either Import into a Custom Object via the UI, or use Data Loader to import it.


Or, you could write your own program on the platform of your choice (eg Windows) that reads the file and outputs the CSV or directly calls the API. Just don't try to use Salesforce to read a 'raw' text file.


But how are you actually trying to import it? What do you do to activate the import?


What is your high-level requirement for this task, eg Read the text file as given, store (something) in objects, calculate (something)?

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I want read the file as given and  insert(store) this data only one time. 

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