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Bonehead Newbie Question

Hi all,

We had hired a developer to write some apex code for us to which I needed to make minor alterations. I was able to, without a problem, download the code and make the necessary alterations. What I can't figure out is how to replace the original code with my new code. There is probably an incredibly simple answer to this question, but where do I go in salesforce to edit live apex code?



Read this in the Online Help.







Apex code cannot be edited in a production organization.  All Apex-enabled organizations come with a Developer Sandbox, which you can use to develop your code.  When your code changes are finished, and you've written all the unit tests required to meet the production code coverage requirements, you'll deploy your code (including the tests) from your Developer Sandbox back to production using the Force.com IDE or the Force.com Migration Tool for Apache Ant.



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