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double datatype's limit

i am trying to assign as double the following number and the system is not permitting this value. This value is crucial for my app:
Please let me know what is happening. I don't find it over the limit assignable.
Here is the documentation on the "double" data type in Apex:


Scratch that - I just got it to compile in an Apex Trigger. Trying adding the '.0' at the end of it.

Double dbl = 339023139214287764096850194819.0;

My need is to be able to use a 30 digit number. Is there a data type that allows me to represent such a number?
This is really crucial. I was taking it for granted but didn't realize I would be stuck at this point.
it does work with the decimal ... but I don't really want to use it ... it is a biginteger in java