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Trying to delete classes

Hello - I'm in a chicken and egg spot.  I'm trying to delete some classes because I need to delete some objects so I can reinstall from an updated package.  However there is no place to which I know of to delete the classes.  I do have the Force.com IDE installed too.  I figure it's best to show you, Screencast.
Hi Fifedog,

It looks like you deployed these classes to production, so through a similar "deploy" process you're going to need to remove them. Not sure if the IDE handles this through the deploy UI wizard, but I think you simply need to create a destructiveChanges.xml file and include that in your deploy operation to remove the classes. Since the IDE uses the Force.com Metadata API, I usually turn to those docs for more info.

Check out the note about how to remove changes via the metadata API in this topic:

Hope that helps.
Thanks Andrew - however I'm not the one that deployed them a consultant did.  And I have no idea what  a DestructiveChanges.xml file is, however the notation I get, just don't know how to construct one.  I'll take a look at the documents you've listed.