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Client Logos

What is the best approach for adding a Client Logo into a custom object in Salesforce? 


The easiest way is to just create a Rich Text field and use the RT image upload button.


You can use a combination of a URL and Formula field to implement Customer / Client Logos on any object.  I wrote a post about it Your Customer’s Logos on Salesforce.Com Accounts and Reports.


Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go into your User Menu and Select Setup
  2. Go to Account –> Fields
  3. Select New Field
  4. Data Type = URL
  5. Field Label = Logo_URL
  6. Set up the Permissions to this field accordingly
  7. Create another New Field
  8. Data Type = Formula
  9. Field Label = Logo
  10. Formula = IMAGE( Logo_URL__c , “Company Logo”, 60, 80)
  11. Set up the Permissions to this field accordingly

Just add a URL to a logo and it will be available in Salesforce as an Image.


Hope this helps.