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Formula Issue - Remaining Balance Always Zero

Field is used to identify the Remaining Balance for payment plan customers. This field is also used in the presentation quote that is generated from the account.


Remaining Balance = Order Total - Down Payment (designed for payment plan customers)


This is the current formula I am using for this field, but it is not working. The balance remains 0


IF( Down_Payment__c > 0, Order_Total__c - Down_Payment__c, 0)


Please help!


Have you tried putting the the formula and contributing fields into a single page layout to check the underlying values of Down_Payment__c and Order_Total__c?


Thanks for the response. I haven't tried that yet, but I've just realized that when there is a down payment, this formula works perectly. It's only when there is no down payment that the remaining balance remains at zero. Any suggestions?


If you want to return the total balance, you just need to change the else value from your formula, e.g.


IF( Down_Payment__c > 0, Order_Total__c - Down_Payment__c, Order_Total__c)


Is that what you are looking for?