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Creating a New Contact from Custom Case Fields

I'm trying to work out a way to import the values from custom fields in a case to the appropriate fields in a new contact record.

My company processes requests for new employees through Salesforce.  A case is opened for the technology department to create user accounts and generate passwords etc... Part of the setup includes creating a contact record in Salesforce. In trying to streamline the process I have created a section in the Case Record Type that is essentially a mirror of the basic Contact Detail information (First/Last Name, Dept., Phone)

I've created a custom link to map the fields accordingly but it's not working.  I am new to this aspect of Salesforce and I'm not sure what it is I've done wrong. 

Here's an example of the formula I'm using:

The way I understand this is that I am opening a new Contact Record and placing the value from the Case "first name" field into the first name field of the contact.  While the new contact record opens the data from case field is not populating. 

I've tried to find more information in the forums here and elsewhere on the internet but I've not found anything that's been very helpful. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Tizzz,

Close but no cigar. The formula you need is:


Remember that at the end of the day this is known as screen scraping which means if Saleforce ever changes the DOM then this would break. i.e. changed the field name on the HTML form to "contact_lastname" instead of "name_lastcon2".  What this means is that it's not an officially supported way of doing this type of thing however a lot of people do it.
Thank you very much.  After seeing the correct format now I understand what I was doing wrong. 

Fortunately,this is the only workflow where a screen scrape is being used.  Should the field names change in a later version of Salesforce it won't be too much hassle to update the formula.