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Read-Only Account Address in Case Shipments

We track our RA's through the "Return Authorization" App, and the only thing missing from it is the address of where we're shipping it.  Since I usually send off an email of all the information to our shipping department, I would like to be able to have the shipping address from the Account Tab show up in that section.  I don't have to be able to change it there (though that would be great), but I don't mind going back to the account page to change the information first.
I've looked at some of the formula coding, but I don't know much about it yet, I'm trying to self-teach myself on top of my other responsibilities here so any help, or tutorial someone could give me would be REALLY appreciated!
I only have Professional Edition and I do not know anything about this Return Authorization App, but if you want to transfer data from the Account record, you can create a custom formula field to do so as long as the Return Authorization records have an Account lookup field.
Just use the Insert field button to locate all of the Account Shipping fields.  You can even use the BR() function to seperate them on different lines.