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Change Closing Date Field When Stage = Won/Loss

Is it possible so when my Stage is either Won or Loss it will automatically put today's date into the Closed Date field?


  1. Go to set up/app set up/create/workflow & approvals/workflow rules
  2. Select new workflow rule
  3. Select object - in this case opportunity - Next
  4. Update the Edit rule, Evaluation Criteria and Rule Criteria sections:
    1.  Edit Rule
      1. Name 
      2. Description 
    2. Evaluation Criteria 
      1. Should equal "When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria"
    3. Rule Criteria
      1. Should run this rule if the following criteria is met: Field
        1. Select Opportunity Stage in the Field column
        2. Select Equals in the operator column
        3. Select the won and lost stages from the pick list that is presented to the right of the value column
  5. Save the rule
  6. Update the workflow action section
  7. Add workflow action New Field Update
    1. Name the workflow action
    2. Provide a description
    3. Select close date as the field to update
    4. Enter the following formula in the formula bar
      1. NOW()
  8. Activate the workflow rule
  9. You should test this out in your sandbox to ensure the functionality is what you want. 

I'm guessing if I'm running the Pro version and don't have workflows I'm outta luck?
Sorry I'm not sure what options you have then.  I do know that valiation rules can be created to do the samething if validation rules are part of your package.  I'm not well versed with validation rules currently.