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Populate custom field based on Account Owner

Hello guys,

I am trying to achieve the following, i am hoping someone can help me out.

I have created a custom field on my Accounts object called Group. Whenever someone creates a new account i want this field to be populated by the Division name of the user who is now the "Owner" of the Account. The Division name is in the users profile. I can do this with the "Created By' route, but cannot seem to find a way to do this with "Owner".

I was told i might need an S-Control to do this. Can someone pls help me with this?


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You could achieve this by using trigger update(after insert) or customizing the whole page using S-Control for account.
assign {!User.Division} into Group field of account before insert in S-control.
SFDC Dev KalluSFDC Dev Kallu
I have never written any code, would it be possible to write snippet of code so that i can try it out....thanks!!
I am not a code writer, but this page here: http://www.crmsetup.com/solutions.htm
 enabled me to write my own s-controls that do just what you need.  Don't be discouraged by what looks like a very technical solution.  Just read slowly and follow the directions and you will be able to do this.
Good luck.

Hi SFDC Dev Kallu,


I know this is an older post, but did you ever figure out the code?  If so, would you mind sharing?  Thank you!