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Using Amazon Webservices

Hi ,

    M using Amazon webservices call pattern for authentication. If i call it using normal url then my synchronization works fine , but when ever m using the Signature , accessKey and others m getting confused what to pass where , in that way m getting nothing from webservice call , not even an error as response..


but m able to call no result (bcoz wrong url pattern)..can someone help me out with it , it will be so kind..


my call :- req.setEndpoint(endpoint + '?AWSAccessKeyId=' + accessKey + '&Action=' + action +
                '&Version=' + version +
                '&Timestamp=' + urlEncodedTimestamp +
                '&Signature=' + macUrl);  , please rectify if any error or give some url with explanation of each attribute..i read the apex lang reference document , but a bit confused as my REST webservices are just the similar as Amazon calls(not exact).


Cheers Smruti ..