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XML parsing - anything other than StreamReader ??

Is there anything at a higher level than StreamReader to parse XML in Apex? I might be able to get the current issue resolved but it would be great to have anything else also.

As an aside, would someone know when Spring '09  is being released (I will have no need for workarounds once the promised feature set is available).

scroll to the bottom http://trust.salesforce.com/trust/status/

any pointers to parsing?

aside: shouldn't the date reflect the next day when you say 12AM?


Ron Hess developed a bomber XML parser for webservice callouts.  The source code can be found in the Code Share here:



Remember that the xmldom class is built ontop of xmlreader, so if there's a problem with reader the dom will see the same problem (the OP seemed to indicate there's a bug in xmlreader, if so i'd like to hear more about that)

simon, Sorry my wording is ambiguous; by that i was referring to my own problem not a bug.

Can I have a suggestion from someone on this --

I am retrieving xml from a webservice and need to parse and send as a string to another webservice. what is recommended - parsing on apex or return the string after parsing on the first web service? i am thinking about the 10s timeout.