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Unknown Exception when querying Tag object

Why is the error occuring below when i run the following sql inside an scontrol (where tags are enabled on my custom object)?


select Id,TagDefinitionId,ItemId,CreatedDate,SystemModstamp,IsDeleted,Name,Type from MyCustomObjectName__Tag where ItemId = 'a0PR0000000jlUM'



fields: UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION: An unexpected error occured.  Please include this errorId if you contact support: ...... some error code



but if i run the same code as anonymous apex, i get a different error:


13:50:26 ERROR - Evaluation error: System.Exception: ORA-00904: "T"."KEY_PREFIX": invalid identifier : select /*gatherSlowStats*/ count(1) from core.tag t where (t.entity_id = ?) and rownum <= ? and (t.organization_id = ?) and (t.key_prefix = ?)
13:50:26 ERROR - Evaluation error: AnonymousBlock: line 1, column 33


Any reason why i am getting these errors?





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