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Getting error while retrieving the custom objects thorugh eclipse or ant tool......



 I am trying to retrieve custom object using ant/eclipse but i am getting the following error for some objects.

Any help on this..........


Eclipse Error

Severity and Description    Path    Resource    Location    Creation Time    Id
Refresh error: Unable to retrieve file for id 01IR00000004dbr of type CustomObject due to an internal error:1006301207-108 (0)    CRP Instance/src    package.xml    line 1    1232875804187    530



[sf:retrieve] package.xml - Unable to retrieve file for id 01IR00000004dWT of ty
pe CustomObject due to an internal error:867802804-56 (-1759967389)


Hi Srini,


Is this in a Sandbox?  What login URL are you using (www.salesforce.com, or test.salesforce.com)?


Please open a case with salesforce.com Support, and provide the full error message text including the error code returned by the server.




salesforce.com Product Manager


Hi Jon,


 I am using the sandbox, we packaged and moved.


 I dont know the problem why it is not able to retrieve.