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@future monitoring

How can I monitor the total number future method calls used versus the limit of

No more than 200 method calls per Salesforce license per 24 hours?







Setup->Monitoring->Apex Jobs


will show you the list of apex jobs. That is the only monitoring info available.



So if you have an org with say 5,000 users you have to go into Apex Jobs and count each job within the past 24 hours to see if you're close to 1,000,000 calls?

Ya, this information is not available in the setup pages. Sounds like a good feature

to have. Please add it to ideas.salesforce.com.


In the mean time, you can use the api to find out how many async apex jobs are

there using the following query:


sforce.connection.query("select count() from AsyncApexJob where createdDate = today");