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Google Visualization Problems With IE

I have several problems using Google Visualization in IE8. 


1. The Guage Visualization will not display at all, but, displays fine in Firefox.

2. I can't get any of the Event handlers (select or mouseover) to work, but again, they work in Firefox. 


I have created a Google Visualization Dashboard in a VF page.  I currently have 3 bar charts, one pie chart, and one guage on the page.  I found that I had to use CSS in the component and VF page to align the Guage.


In the Guage component, I added table.center {margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;} to the Style tag and <table class="center">.  In the VF Page, I used a <div style="Width:500px; background:#CCCCCC;"> around the Guage component to match the width and backgroundcolor parameters  I used in the other charts.


I found that even though I have the mouseover event enabled in all the components, it only works for the last chart on the page in FF.


I also noticed that there may be a bug in the Google Pie Chart, as, it will not display a label if the value is zero.  The documentation states that is will display all labels. I even passed zero in both the pieJoinAngle and pieMinimalAngle, though they default to zero.

Perhaps you should be posting all this on the Google Visualization discussion boards.  I know that Google Visualizations seem to have a few problems in IE so maybe they have known issues with this browser?

I have.  However, I believe it is an issue tied to the SF environment.  When I goto the Google website, their guage displays and interacts with the listening events using IE.  I was hoping to see if anyone here using SF has been successful displaying the Google Visualization Guage using IE. Thanks.


Yes it does look to be related to SFDC insofar as SFDC redirects to HTTPS and the GoogleVis component from the codeshare is using HTTP and the protocol mismatch seems to throw of IE.  Has anyone else experienced this or found a way to resolve it?