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Formula field for multi-select picklist.

In a native UI we are looking to display multi-select picklist values (from another object) using a formula field. At least one of the associated picklists contains 30 selectable values. I am not certain of how may of those values can be selected, so lets assume 10 can be selected.   Is it correct that the only way to do this in a formula field is to use the INCLUDES and PRIORVALUE functions while checking for the presence of "each possible picklist value"? The following pseudocode might better explain this idea:


if (INCLUDES(myList, "STRING1")

    if PRIORVALUE(temp) == '""

       temp = "STRING1"


       temp = temp +  ", STRING1"


if (INCLUDES(myList, "STRING2")

    if PRIORVALUE(temp) == '""

       temp = "STRING2"


       temp = temp + ", STRING2"


. . .


if (INCLUDES(myList, "STRINGn")

    if PRIORVALUE(temp) == '""

       temp = "STRINGn"


       temp = temp + ", STRINGn"



Guidence greatly appreciated.