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New Case Comment & New Email "Indicator" Fields

Hello All,


I want to setup "indicator" fields on the Case object that indicate NEW Case Comments or Emails exist on a Case. The idea is that when a support rep clicks on the Cases tab to view a list of cases they own, there will be 'New Comment' and 'New Email' columns that have a visual indicator next to each case that indicate there are new Comments or Emails on the Case. The indicator could be a checkbox, or a colored dot, or something similar.


Salesforce appears to have this functionality built-in to some degree:


- For Case Comments, when a new comment is added to a Case through the Self-Service portal or Customer Portal,  there will be an icon at the top of the Case (next to the Case Number heading) that indicates there is a new comment on the case. See attached image  - new-comment-email.gif - for example. When a Case Owner views the case, this icon goes away - I have to assume that the act of viewing the case changed the "status" of the comment to make the icon go away.


- For Emails, with email-to-case enabled, when a new email is received and associated with a Case, the email in the Emails related list has a Status of "New". See attached image - new-comment-email.gif - for example. When the Case Owner views the email, the Status changes from "New" to "Read". The act of viewing the email has changed the Status value of the email.


I would like to leverage this functionality are create custom Case field "indicators" that I can put on list views. For Case Comments, I would like for the indicator to show new Case Comments made by ANY person, not just Self-Service/Customer Portal users.


Does anyone know how I would acheive this? How can I build a field that indicates the existence of New Case Comments or Emails on Cases?


Any details or advice that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.




-- Rob 


Hi, did you get any advice for solving this problem ?