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Last Activity Performed By - Formula Field

Has anyone created a custom formula field to display who performed the last activity on an Opportunity?  I have been trying to create this and haven't had any luck.


Thank you for any insight you can provide. 

Message Edited by jarrod_k on 02-19-2009 05:29 PM

Unfortunately it's not an easy solution. You can't use a formula field (including cross-object formulas), since there isn't a clean link between the Activity and the Opportunity. In addition, you can't do a cross-object workflow since standard objects are currently excluded from this functionality.


Unless someone chimes in with a better answer, I think the only solution will be a trigger. Even that has some complications. For your use case, can an Activity be an email, task or event or only tasks / events? If you exclude email, it becomes somewhat easier. I'm not sure you can put a trigger on an email activity (but I could be wrong). Regardless, I think this will require some custom code.

Thanks Mark!  That is kind of what I was thinking.  Some activities could be emails so that could create a kink for us.  I am not very experienced in writing triggers.  Hopefully we will see Cross-Object workflow between standard objects.