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Depending on a chosen value from a Picklist, I want a rating



In a read only fiel, depending on a text value in a custom field, chosen from a long picklist, I would like to get the values High, Medium or Low.




One factor we use to rate prospects is Industry Code, set in a custom field.


The Industry Code is set depending on the business the Account is conducting, ie 01 Wood, 02 Manufacturing, 04 Retail. We have 20 different options to chose from a pick list.  


Depending on the value (Industry Code), we rate the Account. It is difficoult for sales rep. to remember which Industry Code has what rating, hence I would like to automate this process.


The sales rep. shall choose Industry Code from the Picklist in Field "Industry Code". In a read only field, the value "High", "Medium" or "Low" shall appear. We have set which Industry Codes shall return High/Medium/Low. I.e. 01 Wood shall return "Low", 02 Manufacturing, 04 Retail and 06 Mining shall return "Medium" and so on...


Any ideas ?




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Great - Exactly what I needed :smileyvery-happy:

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A Text type formula field should work for this:

CASE(Industry Code field Name, "01 Wood","Low", "02 Manufacturing","Medium", "04 Retail","Medium", and so on down to 20, "Undefined")




Great - Exactly what I needed :smileyvery-happy:
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