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Changing List View criteria via a Link

We're trying to create a link on a object that takes the user to a list view of all the record's children.  I got the link to work but the issue I'm having is when I put in &save=x it takes all the fields out of the list view.  What do I put in the link to tell Salesforce to display certain fields on the list view or tell Salesforce not to override the fields we've already selected in the list view?





Did you every figure this out.  I am trying to do the same thing but didn't get as far as you as I am new to code development on salesforce.  Can you send me a code sample for linking to child records on list view.






This is what I have right now:


URL: https://na3.salesforce.com/ui/list/FilterEditPage?id=(Enter List View ID)&retURL=/a0N?fcf=(Enter List View ID)&rolodexIndex=-1&page=1&f1=(Criteria field, Enter ID of field)&fop1=e&fval1={!Media_Delivery_Placement__c.Name}


na3.salesforce.com/ui/list/FilterEditPage?id=00B50000005sdDd&retURL=/a0N?fcf=00B50000005sdDd – Takes you to the View List edit page and the id is the id of the list view.


f# - # is 1 – 10 is the field for your criteria


fop# - # is 1 – 10 is the operator (Equal, less then, etc)


fval# - # is 1 – 10 is the value criteria


Issue if I put the &save=x to automatically save the list view it removes all but the Name fields from the view.  If you remove the &save=x then hit save you're fine.  Hope this helps.




Anuj Joshi 29Anuj Joshi 29

what do i have to replace in place of here?
Criteria field, Enter ID of field