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Compiled formula too big...

I am building up the way we categorize prospects. I´ve set it up with some fields, that ad on to eachother. I recieve message that formula gets to big. I understand from the help and training section that the formula of the last field builds up from the previous. So how shall I solve the following...



Field "Industryfit" lists High, Medium or Low - depending on what industry sector I enter (a list of 25 different chosen from a picklist - and in combination with a "Case" formula

Field "Reveneuefit" lists High, Medium or Low - depending on Account revenue


Field "Industry & Revenuefit" lists "Industryfit" + "Revenuefit" and gives me i.e. HighMedium


Field "Categorization" gives each combination in the field "Industry & Revenuefit" a number - ie. HighMedium gives 1


Field "Summary" gives the total combination  1HighMedium



By getting this 3 dimension summary, I can present in a matrix how many prospects I have in each category.


Anyone has an Idea how I can get this together without getting to large forumla ?


Greetings !!



Only thing that I can think of is to move the formulas into a Workflow Rule