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Create Folders for Attachments

Looking for a way to create folders for attachments at the Account level. Example: the sales rep attaches a contract at the Account level and once it is executed, we then attach that to the Account level as well. Any ideas how to do this other than a work around of the original contract being attached at the Opportunity level and the exectuted at the Account level?


Forgive me if I read this wrong, but I am guessing what you want is to attach a single attachment (document, xls, JPG, etc.) to multiple objects?  Contact, Account, Opportunity?


We use FTPAttach 2.0 from Enzigma and with a little modification it can do this. Instead of using the regular attachement function, this also allows you to store the attachments locally or on a webserver.  (we use a lot of large attachments, and would have used our SFDC diskspace in a matter of months...)




Basically it creates another object "FTPAttach" with the file information and a lookup field for whatever object that file is linked to, by adding additional lookup fields, you can connect that reference object to an account, opportunity, contact, whatever and they will all point to a single file back on the FTP server.


I don't know if I explained it well, but if it is what you are looking for I would be happy to explain further...


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