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Spring 09 - PARENTGROUPVAL overcomes "percentage of total" limitation on reports...?

Hi All,
Our group is relatively new to Salesforce, which we're using for our Tier 1 Call Centers.  We've quickly come across some limitations in 'counting' records when running reports.  I've seen other posts mentioning that it wasn't (easily) possible to get the percentages of total counts in a report, but after seeing the new PARENTGROUPVAL introduced in Spring 09, I gave it a go:
In a report, create a new Custom Summary Formula:
FYI - At the "Where will this formula be displayed?" section, PARENTGROUPVAL is only available at the "Grouping 1" level (not at the 'all summary' or 'grand summary' levels), which makes sense.
I haven't seen much of anything else mentioned about PARENTGROUPVAL just yet, but I'm curious if anyone else has found easier ways to calculate similar percentages, with our without this function.

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This is great!  I am having trouble getting it to display correctly on a dashboard, the graph wants to round to 1 decimal place and rounds down, so a value of .04 (4%) displays as 0 on the dashboards.  Does anyone have suggestions to fix this?

With the ROUND function you need to tell it to which decimal to round to.


ROUND( Field , 0) will round to the nearest whole number and


ROUND( Field , 2) will round it to the nearest hundreth which will work with a percent:


.04345436 = .04 = 4%


Hope this helps

Thanks, rounds OK on the report, just not the display graph on dashboard.

Few things that come to mind for this issue.  Your Display Unit on the graph is not set correct (Whole Units),  Set 7 - check to be sure that the correct fields are being referenced, or the Custom Summary Formula needs to be Formatted as a Percentage.


Let me know if this helps



was trying to use the PARENTGROUPVAL FUNCTION and it retruned an error saying;


"Invalid custom summary formula definition: Incorrect number of parameters for function 'PARENTGROUPVAL()'. Expected 3, received 2."


This was my formula:




Basically I want to find out the % number of active accounts compared to the grand Total number of active accounts for each Account Rating(A,B,C).  Not sure why my formula comes back with an error..


can anybody help?




I tried this and the grouping level has A and B. This did not work for me with RowCount / PARENTGROUPVAL(RowCount, GRAND_SUMMARY). I get an error message Error: Invalid custom summary formula definition: Incorrect number of parameters for function 'PARENTGROUPVAL()'. Expected 3, received 2.

Can someone help me? I am trying to take the record count of a column and divide it into the grand summary total column  for a percentage




Sounds like you're on a matrix report, not a summary report. 


For the benefit of others trying to figure out how to use PARENTGROUPVAL to create averages within a grouping level, I created this blog post wich walks through the process step by step. In the example, we show the creation of a "Conversion Rate" formula for each record owner based on the Lead Status inside a Summary Report.


The final formula is RowCount/PARENTGROUPVAL(summary_field, OWNER)


However within a Matrix repotr the formula is slightly different: RowCount/PARENTGROUPVAL(RowCount, OWNER, COLUMN_GRAND_SUMMARY)


Salesforce.com - Using PARENTGROUPVAL in a Reporting Formula