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I Need ANSWER! How to cover webservice callout functions in test methods

I have a class which contains functions that are used to make webservice callouts only. I need to cover these functions in my test methods but "Run Test" fails after running the first function with the following message:

(Older API) Methods defined as TestMethod do not support Web service callouts, test skipped


(NEW API - 15) System.TypeException: Testmethods do not support webservice callouts.


in this scenario I need to know how I can obtain the required coverage (75%) on my Apex class.  is there anyway that I can ignore callouts but force the test method to continue? in my class more than 75% of the code is the functions that each make a callout to an external webservice. any Idea?



P.S: I have searched the forum and this has been posted several times but no answer yet.



i dnt find any problem , i just wrote test method for webservice callouts for managed package creation..It never gave any problem..Is it something to do with future calls?? Are u using future callouts??




The issue is when a test method hits the webservice callout (not @future) it stops the test. here's a sample code:


WebService static void synchWith(String[] product,String command,String acid){



                webservicesCommerceItems.ArrayOfString iids = new webservicesCommerceItems.ArrayOfString();
                iids.string_x = new String[1];
                stub.delete1(iids); //------------------->****This is a call to a webservice which throws the exception


      }else if(command.equalsIgnoreCase('insert')){
                webservicesCommerceItems.Items items = new webservicesCommerceItems.Items();                          



When the test method gets to that line it stops and does not go to the next call. 


static testMethod void classTest() {


        synchWith(items,'insert','xx'); --> this does not execute due to an exception on the previous function call.





This way I cannot cover the big portion of the code. I have also found some workaround here:




but this is not doable in some cases when there is a dependency between service calls. any idea?

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I am just returning fake http responses -  if I am in a testmethod.


However, I have put a custom field in each object of interest (in_test_method__c) to do this.

I don't see a way for  in Apex to find out if I am inside a testMethod.





I did the same thing as GoForceGo, with one slight difference. Instead of adding a custom field, I added a public static Boolean field to my class under test called "underTest". In my test class, I set "underTest" to true before constructing my class under test. In the class under test, I have if/else conditionals to bypass the Http callout and generate bogus Http reponses when "underTest" is true.



I realized this and  and did the same.

I created another class to handle this - by default inTestmethod is false, and I set it as true.

public class setInTestMethod {

private static boolean InTestMethod = false;

public static void setInTestMethod(boolean InTest) {
InTestMethod = inTest;

public static boolean getInTestMethod() {
return InTestMethod;






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Marc C.Marc C.
I don't see a way for  in Apex to find out if I am inside a testMethod.

if (!System.Test.isRunningTest()) {

} else {

  // Simulate callout here...