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Updating non-redundant factory field in Personal Account's contact?

I have a problem.


There are two fields in the Contact sobject which control the SF logic for email bounces (EmailBouncedDate, EmailBouncedReason). My client essentially uses SF web services API from inhouse invoice emailing system to mark those email addresses that bounced back for whatever reason thus bringing this to the attention of CSR's. 


The problem is that I cannot reset these fields back to null from apex if its personal account. I have a form which CSR's use to clean up customer account information and as part of account update I also set these fields on asssociated contact, but it throws an error, making me unable to manually remove the bounce flag.


For some reason SF disallows DML operation on contact entity if its tied to a personal account (probably to protect the bizare redundancy between person/contact objects) but this leaves me wondering how I can change those contact fields which are not redundant, like the two above?