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Need Help with a Custom Obect

our accounts have several account numbers per client. We built a custom Account Number object on the Account page to be able to add numerous account numbers. The problem is that when we delete an account, thje account numbers remain in  the system and it's interferring with sales information we are importing. Can I create a Workflow rule or feild  update / trigger or anything basically stating :


when an account is deleted, delete all account numbers from Account Number object




I reckon you created "Lookup Relationship" between Account and Account Number objects.


Convert the relationship into a "Master Detail Relationship" where ofcourse Account is Master and Account Number is a detail object.


As per Master-Detail Relationship behaviour, if the Master Account record is deleted, all associated detail Account Number records are also deleted automatically.






With summer '12 (insert safe harbor statement here), you'll be able to customize a regular lookup relationship to cascade delete, just like the master-detail relationship does now. Just a thought, if you don't want to convert the relationship type.

Apparantly I cannot to a Master Detail due to the fact that tehre is already data in the object. I think I'll hold out and see what the updated version can offer. Thanks to both of you for your help .


You can try it out in a sandbox, if you have a sandbox that's running Summer '12. You just have to contact Salesforce to have the cascade delete feature enabled (even in the sandbox).