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How to do pagination in VisualForce?

I want to create a paginated view for products object with 3 rows.If I fill all the values and click continue button that time the product values are temparly stored in apex classes and open the same page with 3 different products.and i fill some values and click continue that time the same process going on.

In every time the I click on continue that time the link of 1 is there.when i click 1 link that time the 1 link 3 products retrived on apex classes and values also.


How to do that? I want sample ocde also.


Check out the Visualforce Developer Guide, search for "pagination" and "StandardSetController". You'll find descriptions and sample code there.

In Visual force guide it shows the pagination as "Fist,next,previous,Last".But I want the pagination as "1,2,3,4,5..." Links.

How to do that one?

If any one have the sample code. pls post that code also.





i hope this helps...