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Email OptOut Not working when opted out from Outlook - URGENT Please help!!!!!

We created a email service and Apex class to opt out contacts. It was working fine.


Suddenly today it stopped working when we send emails from outlook. Is something changed in salesforce?

We sent mass emails and if people start optingout from out look it willl not work and it will rise too many issues..please help



The Apex class looks for the unsubscribe word in the subject and opt out the contact with that email.


We tested out by sending email from yahoo,gmail it is working fine.

I also monitored debuglog when i send email from yahoo it saya SOQL query returned 1 row.


When sent from out look it is saying SOQL query returned zero rows..


I doubled checked the out look email address exists in salesforce.


Please advise....


Did you ever find the answer to this?  I am just in the testing phase, but am having the exact same issue.





I would add a debug statement checking the From field, then turn on debug monitoring for the user that the Apex Code executes as; it's possible that some addresses will instead use Outlook's email addressing scheme (which is something like "Domain\User") instead of the usual "user@domain" format. This should only occur when the email is internal to the organization, but might also be related to if you're using a remote address book instead of a local address book. My Outlook is installed, but not configured with a particular email address (my ISP doesn't provide me with an email address that I am aware of). I shall set up a private email domain and do some testing on this, but I can't guarantee anything.

Okay, thanks.